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For us, the ports are the lynchpin of our activities. Because the best way to transport wood across Europe is still by water. It is fast, it makes transport of large quantities possible and is also inexpensive and environmentally friendly.

The Konstinkai in Lübeck is operated by the subsidiary claus rodenberg port logistic gmbh, founded in 2011. Here we provide services in the area of port handling and warehousing goods for import and export. In addition to roundwood, wood chips and sawmill by-products, the main transshipment good are bulk goods, such as road salt and building materials. Particular for this port facility is the ideal combination of storage areas close to the quay and loading tracks suitable for block trains along the quay’s edge in addition to an excellent connection to the motorway, rail and the Elbe-Lübeck Canal. A strong transhipment team combined with the most state-of-the-art equipment makes Konstinkai an efficient transhipment hub between Northern and Central Europe.


Quay facility – 1.5 km length, 12 berths, 8.50 – 9.50 m depth
Rail connection – 2 tracks for each block train each
Handling equipment – Multidocker CH 74D, 18 t lifting capacity, 25 m reach with timber and freight grapple loader, 2 mobile cranes, 1 high-lift front loader, 2 wheel loaders

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Ship management

We are handling it – whether it’s about economic operation or optimized technical performance, we take care of the entire ship’s operation. Our crew management lays a majour focus on the training and continuous education of our ship’s personnel.


Everything is fluent – Our territory is the North and Baltic Sea, but also beyond that you will spot some of our ship cargoes. Most of our cargo consists of logs and sawmill by-products, but naturally we do also transport other cargo for our customers.


Communication is everything – and because of that, we ensure a seamless information flow round the clock. Because we can only ensure the best results possible, if all involved in the logistics chain are up to date.


Service is everything – our service means taking care of the ships and their cargo from arrival to departure, but of course also during the phase of planning and post-processing. That is the only way to ensure a smooth process.

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