Road and Rail

Combined both high-performance and environmentally conscious

Road and Rail

Truck and block train – a strong combination

The main concern of our logistics team is the optimisation of transport chains. And the most favourable strategy in terms of wood is using all modes of transport – by land and by sea.

Our truck fleet collects the wood from our central warehouse – the forest. That’s what they do best and what they are designed for. This can only be done by truck. But at distances from 200 km, we try to integrate the use of railways and inland ships. If the quantity is sufficient for rail or waterway transport, then we are up to find a station or port site. Because transporting large quantities of wood at once benefits the environment.

But the real guarantor of our success has a name: Our employees. Good quality is mainly a by-product of good training and good training as well as continuing education are part of our corporate culture.


At the steering wheel

Log truck drivers are more than just professional drivers: They are scouts, because lumber stocks have no address, cross-country drivers, because in high season the roads are bad, and crane drivers, because somehow the wood needs to be loaded to the truck.

Tried and tested in storms

Every time the wind strikes, we come and clean it up. When due to storms large quantities of wood have to be transported quickly, we are at the scene with our road and rail crew as well as our bargemen.




Over 420,000 solid cubic metres were loaded and transported by us in 2018. In relation to the approximately 53 million solid cubic metres handled throughout Germany overall, this shows that we have a handsome share in terms of round timber. You shall count on us.

New Generation

Specialists are the main asset for economic success and high performance. The ones who are well-trained become skilled workers. We gladly pass on our concentrated knowledge to our trainees. For example we train professional drivers, forwarding agents and shipping merchants.


Key figures

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Road and Rail

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