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Wood – unlimited possibilities

claus rodenberg waldkontor

There is only one crime – limitation.

Wood is a raw material. And raw materials find their way all over the world. The economy has always been at the forefront of international partnership and cooperation. The flow of goods has long since found a way for people to begin the praise of cooperation in theoretical essays.

International flows of goods do not stop at the classic timber market. And damaging events such as extreme weather or insect calamities cause supply and demand situations to change overnight. Thanks to its own fleet of ships and trucks as well as regular block trains, claus rodenberg waldkontor is able to react quickly. Our colleagues, who are spread over the entire service and transport chain, are passionately at our business partners’ side when it comes to transforming challenges into opportunities and turning calamities into advantages.

But of course we don’t just see ourselves as troubleshooters: long-term supply agreements and regular day-to-day business have led to stable and trusting business relationships with a wide variety of customer groups and industries. This is demonstrated by a steadily growing market share and the establishment of partner companies in friendly foreign countries.



The days of isolated solo attempts are long gone. Today, those who want to hold their own in the timber market in the long run need partners – at all levels of operation. Our success has many names.


The best business card is usually the local employee. According to this maxim we always look for our people regionally. Because: ” Every marketing is local” is what they say and in our experience this is right.


Saw by-products – three letters for an entire future market. Bark, sawdust, wood chips, biomass – many products equal one goal: the use of all the material produced in the interest of a sustainable economy.

Loaded with energy

The energy revolution makes it possible: More and more countries are turning to wood as a renewable raw material in order to get away from the climate-damaging use of fossil fuels. And rightly so.

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Daniel Pinto
Daniel Pinto

Procurement / Sales – Portugal & Spain

Mobil: +351-91 4254 647

Frank Hoffmann

Purchasing Schleswig-Holstein

Mobil: +49-171-739 49 61

Claus Rodenberg

Managing Director

Tel: +49-4501-8201 88

Holger Schwarz

Biomass Team

Tel: +49-4501-8201 41

Mobil: +49-1517-306 13 46

Yvonne Tessmer
Yvonne Tessmer

Personal Assistant to the Managing Director

Tel: +49-4501-8201 89

Krzysztof Jackowiak
Krzysztof Jackowiak

Managing Director cr Polska

Tel: +49-4501-8201-88

Mobil: +48-796-692654

Waldemar Blok
Waldemar Blok

Logistics Manager

Te.: +49-4501-8201-88

Mobil: +48-689-111733

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