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Our approximately 20 well-trained professional foresters are the fundamental basis of our quality forest services. In addition, we have 10 forest superintendents, certified foresters, forest scientists and forest engineers who, as timber purchasers and project managers, oversee the whole process and have a handle over everything that is important.

Timber harvesting

Maximum work quality combined with maximum work safety: whether our foresters are on the road in a 3-man-team felling motor-manually, or whether our machine operators are on the road in the fully-mechanised timber harvester, or even a combined operation is the order of the day – quality and safety are always the top priority.

With regular training combined with ongoing intensive practical education, we ensure that all our employees are always up to date with the latest developments. Additionally with two forestry apprentices at present, we secure qualified young talents. We have been awarded the RAL Quality Seal for our timber harvesting and forwarding and meet the management requirements of FSC® certification (FSC® C017338), Download Certificate and PEFC, Download Certificate.

Timber measurement

Whether single tree measurement in solid cubic meters or bulk measurement in stacked cubic meters, here we are quite traditional and always on the move as requested by our customers. And of course we do not close our eyes to the latest digital app solutions: everything that has the potential of becoming tomorrow’s standard is tested in-house.


Whether logs or industrial wood, whether energy wood or specially processed, the assortments are as varied as their intended uses. The customer specifies their requirements and we implement them. And, of course, the billing methods also reflect the wishes and needs of our business partners.



The best personal protective equipment is useless if it is not worn consistently. That’s why safety training is top priority for our employees.


“Dedication and professionalism are congruent, work and fun go hand in hand,” as the colleagues once described themselves. There is nothing to add. Our employees are the key to our success.


Employees who are specifically trained are hard to find. That’s why we train our junior staff ourselves. A path that we have been following for many years – one in which we have gained just the best experience. „Welcome apprentices!“


Again, the Forester of the Year is being sought and awarded in Germany. claus rodenberg waldkontor has taken over the sponsorship of this competition and we are looking forward to active participation.

Firmly rooted

We are convinced that active participation in the industry and its associations is necessary and socially important. Furthermore, we have a heartfelt commitment to the development and distribution of certificates.


New ideas, new techniques and new concepts – it is understood, that work in the forest requires time and concepts naturally require long term scheduling. However, in order to be truly successful, one still needs to carefully observe the market and have the courage to try something new.

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