Real Value

What you can rely on

Values are carried on throughout history

Preserving values – experiencing values

Authenticity, tradition and reliability – those are not just catchwords for us, but shall represent the key values of any company.

“Most values are shaped in youth and remain consistent even in adulthood.” And what applies to the individual also applies to a company.

The values of our company are a commitment to something; they build the basis of our vision and are therefore a promise for the future. Our values form an emotional connection with our customers as well as our employees forming the foundation of our company. Our defined ethics therefore create added value.

We are committed to the following values: fairness, humanity and respect. Quality, authenticity and diversity. Independence, reliability and sustainability.

We are convinced that the value of our company is defined by the values we stand for.

Fairness, Respect, Humanity

Whether customer or employee, whether apprentice or senior staff – our focus lies with the person. People shape the business, people benefit from it – that is important to us.

Authenticity and reliability

We don’t want to just pretend something, fool or deceive someone. We are professionals at what we are doing and always finish what we have started. That you can rely on.

Quality and Sustainability

For us, work is much more than just exchanging time for money. We want to create something meaningful, something that holds value and joy – not only for others, but also for ourselves. That is a good reason to go to work every day.

Diversity and independence

Each task needs its very own answer. Flexible solutions, innovative custom-made products and holistic problem solving need a breathing corporate culture with flat hierarchies and clearly regulated decision-making structures.

Facts, Facts, Facts

Because facts are the best references

At home in the world

We are a service company in the forestry and timber industry. We partake in almost the entire value chain: from felling to transport (road, rail, sea and inland waterways) and, on a smaller scale, to processing. More than 200 employees generate over € 100 million in sales in 19 countries worldwide.

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